The Right Way to Do Guest Posting to Grow Your Online Business

The Right Way to Do Guest Posting to Grow Your Online Business

October 11, 2017 by Will Robins0

Guest posting, one of the best marketing strategy to advertise your brand or business and yourself, build yourself as an authority figure in your niche, grow your audience, and increase traffic to both parties’ sites.

Several well-known online entrepreneurs and writers used guest posting to build their name and business. It was a zero to hero kind of story. Check out my blog, Guest Posting: The Secret of Successful Online Businesses, to learn more.

But let’s discuss some of them before we begin.

Take Your Business from Zero to 100k Customers is the story of Leo Widrich, the co-founder of the social media scheduling app Buffer, who wrote approximately 150 guest posts on smaller blogs that did not drive a ton of traffic to their website and managed to grow the customer base for Buffer from zero to 100k customers within 9 months. Buffer focused more on sign ups for their app than on traffic. But nevertheless the traffic certainly also grew which was to a large part due to the guest blogging efforts.

Jon Cooper on the Seomoz Blog is an SEO consultant and founder of Hyperlynx Media, Inc. His writing can be found at

Jon lists 4 takeaway reasons that his guest blog was so wildly successful:

  1. The post was on a relevant blog
  2. The post was on a popular blog
  3. The content was of high quality
  4. He had an awesome byline

Jon stated that his guest post sent some serious link love & traffic to his blog, all because he took the time to find a relevant & high trafficked blog to post on, create an awesome piece of content on a highly popular topic, and write an awesome byline. Guest blogging is the epitome of where links & traffic meet beautifully.

Another online entrepreneur who became successful because of guest posting was Bryan Harris. He’s the awesome guy behind Video Fruit, a web-based marketing consultant business. His website states that in less than a year he built the Video Fruit concept into a full-time business generating over $15,000 a month. I’d say he’s probably worth listening to.

Bryan pulls out three takeaways from this experience:

Lesson #1: Spend 20+ Hours Writing

According to Bryan, his guest post was long. Like 4,000 words long. The challenge he faced from guest posting was that very specific step-by-step information is limited. He also added that the internet is full of generalizations and broad sweeping uneducated opinions. What is missing is specific actionable steps to execute a proven plan.

I have to say that writing that type of material is freaking hard. No wonder he spent over 20 hours writing guest posts.

Lesson #2: Comments Supercharge Traffic

Bryan loves replying to comments because not only it builds his brand but it gives readers another opportunity to click on his name and link to his site.

Plus, it drives a huge number of traffic!

The result? 523% increase in traffic. That’s insane!

Lesson #3: Reverse Engineer It for Your Site

Once you have a platform, share it.

Impressive, right?

The only question is: How can you land a guest posting opportunity and get similar results or maybe even better?

I’m not bragging but it’s actually simple. Continue reading below to make the most out of guest posting.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Define Your Guest Posting Goals

Before you write a single word, ask yourself first if guest posting is really for you.

  • Do you have a product or service to sell?
  • Are you new to the market and want to get your name out there?
  • Do you want to grow your subscribers?
  • Do you want to build connections and be part of the elite bloggers?

If yes, you need to define your guest posting goals. Why? Establishing your goal is the basis in writing the right blog to your host’s site.

As an online entrepreneur who’s crazy about guest posting, I have my own goals whenever I write a guest post for others and whenever someone will write a guest post for my sites.

Normally these are my goals for guest posting:

  1. Advertise my brand or business
  2. Build myself as an authority and well-known name within my market.
  3. Earn exposure (traffic) back to my site.
  4. Generate backlinks to my site.
  5. Grow my audience

You could use these as your goals, too, for guest posting. Or you could use the S.M.A.R.T. goals strategy.

Once you’ve determined your goals, you’ll be able to write the right content and be one of the top searches.

Step 2: Land Guest Posting Opportunities

Search for sites related to your market or niche. I have a list of what I always look for in a blog that is perfectly compatible with my goals.

  1. It should be centered on my market or niche.
  2. It should be active on social media for promoting your blog.
  3. The audience or readers of the blog will be interested in my business or topic.
  4. There’s an active interaction between the blogger and readers.

In addition to that, I also made a list of things you should avoid.

  1. Blogs that simply accepts content just to post something on their site.
  2. No clear target audience or niche.
  3. No social media presence or has fake followers.
  4. Boring, not actionable, uninformed, or out of date blogs.
  5. It takes months before for them to post your submission.

I’m pretty sure you’re aware what Content Club is but for those who are hearing Content Club for the first time I’ll explain to you what Content Club is and what it does.

Content Club is a small (and growing) select group of websites which I promote and they get real traffic. These websites all have high DA and continually have focused on producing more traffic and more backlinks to the site.

With Content Club, you’ll get access to posting on all of our high-authority websites. But it’s not only that because we also offer:

  • Guaranteed high authority links back to you or your clients’ websites.
  • Never worry about Google penalizing your sites because we only own real sites with 100% real traffic.
  • Grow your credibility and writing authority because of name recognition.
  • Save money on guest posting on high-quality sites by signing up for our package.

Content Club offers the best guest posting opportunities that will grow your business and get your pages to rank higher on Google.

Step 3: Come Up With an Awesome Idea

The real work has just started. Thinking of a unique idea to guest post and to write an article with a deep content can sometimes be difficult but that’s how you’ll get your guest post to be accepted at sites with high standards, increase traffic on both parties’ sites, grow your conversions and score additional links.

So how do you produce a fresh and high-quality content? Here are some ideas:

  • You could write something based on your own experience
  • You could write a tutorial about new platforms, apps, or tools
  • You could write an article about your business (and promote it sneakily)
  • You could write a product or service review

Also, let’s take a look at Moz’s list.

  • Use your client’s proprietary data
  • Take a stance that goes against the grain a bit
  • Bring in insights from other disciplines and industries
  • StumbleUpon insider information
  • Spot relationships between subject matter that others haven’t
  • Be funny, emotional, and opinionated
  • Use anecdotes, examples, or case studies
  • Point to related scientific studies
  • And…(God forbid)…hire writers or journalists who have already proven their skills

Think of your guest post as your big-ticket to provide value to your readers and to your host’s site. Make sure that your idea is something new and original. This can also help you avoid wasting your effort and time.

Step 4: Write an Awesome Guest Post

You’ve already defined your goals, found a place to submit your guest post and you’ve come up with a brilliant idea. Now what? It’s finally time for you to write your content. And it’s not just an average content but it should be long and has high-value.

Here’s another list from Moz that can direct you while you create your content.

  • Write with the blog’s audience in mind. Read comments and pay attention to which posts get shared the most to aid you in this process
  • Don’t hold anything back “for later.” Pour everything you have about a subject into the blog post
  • Use graphics
  • Cite authoritative sources
  • Use research data
  • Organize your posts with subheadings and lists, and keep the paragraphs short.
  • Get your points across quickly without padding the word count.
  • Use plain English.
  • Use anecdotes.
  • Use humor.
  • Figure out the most shocking, surprising, interesting, or humorous aspect of your post and mention it in the title and the first paragraph (ideally the first sentence). But don’t give so much away that the reader has no reason to continue.
  • Use “cliffhangers,” “foreshadowing” and other elements used by fiction writers to keep readers engaged in suspense.

Step 5: Create an Epic Bio

This is the time for you to shine and point your readers in the right direction through your epic bio.

This is how my bio looks like.

It clearly answered the following question – about my identity, what I do and how I can help. My bio is very specific about my work experiences and it’s really all about what I can and how I can help my audience or readers. I also wrote it in 3rd person.

Step 6: Promotion

Once you’ve created a good content then there’s a great chance that your audience will likely share it on their Facebook, Twitter or other social media platform. But, of course, you can also make your post even more viral by sharing it with your friends and other social media influencers or bloggers that you know.

Plus, emphasizing your guest post on your site can increase the chances of success. Let’s not forget to send a thank you note to the host to let him/her know that you appreciate the opportunity s/he gave to you.

It really is simple, isn’t it?

If Leo, Jon, Bryan, me and other well-known online entrepreneurs were able to be successful in guest posting and we were able to build our businesses through this marketing strategy, so can you!

Keep in mind that your guest post should be created to attract readers and links, drive traffic to both parties’ sites, and to go viral.

Get started and happy blogging or work with us and we’ll help you guest post and build links to your site every month!

Will Robins

Writer For Search Engine Journal and known guest blogger, Will focuses on helping clients rank sites. Have a great marketing project? Will is the person to talk to.

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