1250+ Words Niche Content

$199.00 $79.00

  • 1250 Word Article
  • You provide the key terms and any sites you are targeting as competitors
  • We write the article and send to you for approval
  • If you bought one of our guest post with this article we will use it for your post (if that was your intentions).


Product Description

You don’t have the time or want to worry about writing the article for your guest post? Grow your traffic and increase your visitors while minimizing your costs with our 1250+ Words Niche Content.

Our talented writers will work the perfect article process to create a handcrafted niche article for you. We have two options 1250+ or 2050+ words.

We work through these phases when writing your article:

  1. We research the niche and keywords you provide
  2. We research the highest ranking posts for the terms we are targeting
  3. We created detailed bullet points to start writing
  4. We write based off of the research
  5. We then have an editor go through the article
  6. We reference authority websites that will show quality and a standard to Google about the article
  7. We insert detailed specific images and video into the article
  8. We SEO the article making sure that the keywords are spread perfectly and mixed in just the right amount
  9. We use LSI to make sure we mention the major terms around your niche
  10. We then have copywriters make edits to dress up any bad text or make call outs better
  11. We post the article and images with 1 do follow link to your site

With our perfect process, you can know that your article will gain maximum attention. We send the article out on our social networks and share it from our sites to gain more traffic and social visits.

This will be one of the best pieces of content about your niche that is online when we are finished. In as fast as 14 days, we can double your traffic and grow your site’s visitors.


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