How to Use Indeed For Recruitment Research

How to Use Indeed For Recruitment Research

September 19, 2018 by Will Robins0

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How to use Indeed for Recruitment Research

Did you know Indeed is so much more than just a job board? If you read between the lines it can unlock a whole new world of data. Johnny Campbell teaches you how to find out what talent is searching for and how you can make crucial decisions with your team.


Key Takeaways

Now you have the skills to find some extra information on the potential candidates you should be looking at AND how the market is reacting to jobseekers demands. Remember:

What job titles is your prospective talent searching for? Checking the filters in Indeed can lead to crucial SEO insights for your job ads.
Use the Education filter to gain an idea of what level of education your ideal candidate will have. What are the exceptions and what is the norm?
Seeing which companies are hiring for similar roles and where talent is currently working will help you clarify what the market is looking for.


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